, Let’s practice what we preach. If we can’t, who can?

Let’s practice what we preach. If we can’t, who can?

At DoLand, our ambition is to empower everyone to invest sustainably by providing access to sustainable products that makes a difference and creates a real impact. In other words, we work every day to 'democratize' investments for all of us who want to invest in a better tomorrow.

We have already gone far and are thankful to welcome new investors every day. In fact, business is thirsty for us to step up our ambitions even more to ensure a seamless customer journey and continued access to the best products within sustainable investment.

Bigger ambitions, however, require capital increase. This will enable further development and finish of our platform, our products and our team that works every day to make sustainable investment easy, impactful and accessible.

In the light of these ambitions, we are raising additional capital and as an alternative to doing business as usual by finding one or two huge investors, we have decided to practice as we preach and crowfound the funding on the international platform, Funderbeam.


What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way of raising funds that makes it possible for even smaller contributors to become co-owners of DoLand. So, you can actually buy a share for as little as 250 Euros. In contrast to larger investors, who typically invest millions to get a share of a company. 

Given our ambition to make investment accessible to everyone, we had no doubt that this is the right path for us. As our founder and CEO Jakob Lage Hansen puts it:


It is our core value to make investments affordable for everyone. At this point of our growth journey is seemed like the obvious choice that we would also make this option available to become a co-owner of a small part of us. We want to practice what we preach


About Funderbeam

Like DoLand, Funderbeam aims to make it possible for everyone to invest. They do so by crowdfunding for businesses through their platform, where the ordinary private investor can gain access to business ownership, typically by investing as little as EUR 250.

Funderbeam operates internationally and has approximately 70,000 investors in their community. This means for us, that we will reach far beyond our national borders, and in this way, we will have co-owners from some of the countries we would like to expand to in the coming years.


A community for everyone

Another important fact is that we at DoLand, right down to our core, want to be a community for everyone and actively give more people access to investments. Just like Funderbeam does it in their way.

Just call it the ultimate democratization. To mobilize and involve as many people as possible. And this applies both when we raise capital at DoLand and when we ensure our customers access to the best and most sustainable investments.


What does this mean for DoLand's customers?

Nothing, really. Our customers can look forward to an even better experience and better products. To clear up any misinterpretations this will in fact not affect our customers’ investments in sustainable themes on our own platform.

On the platform everything is as usual. Our campaign on Funderbeam is about the company DoLand raising capital, and thus getting more co-owners and even more financial muscle to build the best platform with access to sustainable investments.


Want to read more on DoLand's campaign on Funderbeam?

The engagement in the campaign after only 2 days has raised approx. DKK 1.5 million from investors who want to own a part of DoLand and join our journey. We are very grateful for this and look forward to the next 3-4 weeks, where you can continue to invest in, and become a co-owner of, DoLand.

If you would like to see DoLand's campaign on Funderbeam, you can click below to see a video presentation and case description:

DoLand investment case on Funderbeam