How sustainable is your investment in reality?

As one of the first in Denmark, we have now made it possible to monitor the concrete difference made from sustainable investments.

With the function "My Impact," it is now possible to see how much your personal investment via DoLand impacts the world in a positive direction measured as CO2, fossil fuels and green kilowatt hours. The positive effect of your investment is measured as the difference between your personal, sustainable investment versus an average investment.


At DoLand, the mission is to contribute to a more sustainable world. We push for investments that are both attractive and make a real, positive difference. We work every day to mobilize capital towards sustainable investments.

Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that we choose the right investments, but also that we are able to specify and make clear how sustainable your investments really are compared to average, traditional investments.

With the 'My Impact' function, we take a big step in the right direction.

Investing can be complicated. And certainly, no less complicated if you want to invest sustainably, but cannot see what difference your investment makes.

  • How much CO2 does my investment generate?
  • How many fossil fuels do I avoid?
  • How many kilowatt-hours of green energy am I generating?


Among the first - again

We are, once again, among the first in Denmark to take the first steps, this time towards full transparency. A step we have taken together, and in close partnership, with our good partners from Matter.

Matter is behind the actual calculations and has contributed greatly to this important project. A project we hope will inspire even more people to invest sustainably.

The more we are, the bigger difference we can make ...

We can already unveil that the investors at DoLand are making an important difference for the world.

More than 50 tons of CO2 in total. So much less is our overall annual footprint compared to a scenario of traditional investments. And we are just getting started. We are very proud of that. Thank you all!

It proves what we do together makes a real difference. Every single investment is important, and has not only generated an attractive return, but is an important contribution to solving some of the biggest challenges of our time.


An example of an investment of DKK 5,000.

A very concrete example: An investment via DoLand of DKK 5,000 can have an annual CO2 footprint that is more than 35 kg less than an average investment and helps to generate 9 kilowatt hours of renewable energy. So yes, we can all make a concrete and important difference!


This is just the beginning

And the good thing is, this is just the beginning. We will continue to work hard to offer insights into the impact of sustainable investments.

So far, 'My Impact' measures green transition and climate. Two of our most popular themes focus on those areas, which is why we started here. But that is only the beginning, and we will soon open up an impact overview in other areas.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to show very precisely how investments via DoLand help to push the world in a more sustainable direction within many different parameters.


About Matter and the background of the numbers

It can be difficult to get the overview of the many different sustainable scales available. Therefore, our partner Matter has taken a different approach to things and has dropped the classic rating system. Instead, Matter accurately measures how much difference is made from your investment.

They do this with an analysis of investments based on more than 50 different sources, which together give a concrete picture of, for example, an investment's CO2 footprint, and how investments affect the conversion to renewable energy.


Thanks to Matter for their great efforts!