DoLand is for us, who want a more sustainable world

An active community for all of us who invests in a more sustainable world. Our money can help us move in the right direction. The same goes for our actions. We inspire each other through events and social activities. Keep an eye on the calendar - there will be lots of inspiration on how we can make a positive difference together!

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INTERVIEW: Why eat more plant based?

You can rewatch the interview with author, research-nerd, and nutrition expert Stig Ladefoged. It's an exciting talk about his new book 'EAT MORE PLANT-BASED'. Based on research, you can learn about plant-based diets. What does it do for your body? And for the climate? Look forward to laughter, inspiration, and lots of knowledge!

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WATCH IT AGAIN: When is your money healthy?

Watch Christina Ørnstrand interviewing author Alexandra Krautwald about her book 'Healthy Money'. A both thoughtful and entertaining conversation with a focus right where business and morality meet. Or don’t meet ... Enjoy!

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- Kahlina Raben Ottosen
It does not get any easier

I am happy to be a part of this sustainable investment wave. Especially at DoLand where it is so easy to get started. I picked the themes I care about, put some money into my account and then I was an investor. It does not get any easier.

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- Sebastian Solander-Bruus
The investment themes appealed to me

I see sustainable investment as a big opportunity. Especially the idea that you invest into themes appealed to me. The same with the clarity regarding what you invest in, the fair price and the low brokage fee.

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- Martine Seedorff
I want to invest in the future

I am new to investing and my money needs to be invested into what I believe in for the future. DoLand makes me feel safe. They know what they do, have a customer friendly solution and are providing a very good customer support.

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- Nanna Schjerning
Easy and manageable

Investing with DoLand is easy and manageable and does not take a lot of knowledge but only a wish to invest sustainable. It is crucial to me that DoLand defines sustainability broadly and as more than just having a low CO2 impact.

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