Our investments define the future

How we invest today defines our future. Our investments help determine whether we use more green energy, and whether our consumption of clothing, food and transport will become more sustainable. The sustainable transition is the reason why DoLand exists. To give us all access to push for sustainable change.

Let us get started now!

At DoLand we want to create a better future. But rather than wait for perfect companies and investment funds, we are already now focusing on moving money towards more sustainable solutions that boost positive development.

Everybody should be able to invest

It must be possible for everyone to start investing sustainable, regardless of experience and wallet size. At DoLand, we help you put together your personal investment, which can start for as little as 500 DKK.

It has to be easy

In DoLand, sustainability must be understandable. That is why we tell you which positive change your investment makes.

See how sustainable your investments are

As one of the first in Denmark, we have now made it possible to monitor the concrete difference made from sustainable investments.

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Get started with your sustainable investments today!

The best guide for sustainable investment

It must be easy to both understand investment and to get started investing.That is way we have created a guide for sustainable investment. Let us know if you think information is needed in the guide.
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Together we can make a big difference

The more investors we are at DoLand, the more asset managers will be interested in Doland. And what does that mean? That means that we get a bigger voice, more power and therefore actively influence the asset managers in an even more sustainable way. And our journey has already started with access to new and better ways to invest. Let’s push the boundaries together and make investment more and more sustainable.

You decide

At Doland, we want to democratize sustainable investment. It may sound pompous, but for us it is important to give the individual the opportunity to choose what they want to invest in, because sustainability has different meaning depending on who you ask. Some would like to invest in green transition, other in innovative disease control or gender equality. The choice is yours. Click here to see which themes you can choose from

May we teach you about sustainable investment?

Stay updated with news, perspectives and get inspired to investing sustainable