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The best guide for sustainable investment

It should be easy to understand investment and to get started.

That is why we have created a guide for sustainable investment

Let us know if you feel information is needed in the guide.

"Let’s practice what we preach"

We are running a funding campaign through Funderbeam to develop our platform and make sustainable investments accessible to even more. Jakob Lage Hansen, Founder and CEO at DoLand, elaborates:

"Let’s practice what we preach. If we can’t, who can?"

Historically attractive return on investment

The numbers speak for themselves. Since 2012 a sustainable stock index has yielded a return that is 30 % higher than the traditional stock market. At DoLand, we believe that investing in companies that help create a more sustainable society is a long-term and wise decision
122,9 %
The traditional
Return in % from 2012 to 2020
151,6 %
The sustainable

See how sustainable your investments are

As one of the first in Denmark, we have now made it possible to monitor the concrete difference made from sustainable investments.

NEWS! Impact Investment Panel

We have established a strong and diversified Impact Investment Panel, which helps to ensure that we at DoLand constantly develop investment products that are both good investments and make a real, positive difference for the world!

Denmark’s easiest sustainable investment

At DoLand, our ambition is to offer Denmark’s most sustainable and easiest investment, from just 500 DKK. Choose the themes you want to invest in and we will put together a professional investment that you can continuously follow on an ongoing basis.


Pick your combination of  sustainable investment themes. Sustainable energy, green transition or something else. You pick!

DoLand puts together your investment to reflect your chosen themes and your finances

With DoLand, you track both your return and the difference you make.

- Kahlina Raben Ottosen
It does not get any easier

I am happy to be a part of this sustainable investment wave. Especially at DoLand where it is so easy to get started. I picked the themes I care about, put some money into my account and then I was an investor. It does not get any easier.

- Sebastian Solander-Bruus
The investment themes appealed to me

I see sustainable investment as a big opportunity. Especially the idea that you invest into themes appealed to me. The same with the clarity regarding what you invest in, the fair price and the low brokage fee.

- Martine Seedorff
I want to invest in the future

I am new to investing and my money needs to be invested into what I believe in for the future. DoLand makes me feel safe. They know what they do, have a customer friendly solution and are providing a very good customer support.

- Nanna Schjerning
Easy and manageable

Investing with DoLand is easy and manageable and does not take a lot of knowledge but only a wish to invest sustainable. It is crucial to me that DoLand defines sustainability broadly and as more than just having a low CO2 impact.

Free webinar: Sustainable investment

Here you go! A 35-minute inspiring and down-to-earth introduction to sustainable investment.

What does sustainable investment mean?

What can I expect from my return?

How do I make sure my money makes a difference?

How do I get started?


Together we can make a big difference!

The more investors we are at DoLand, the more asset managers will be interested in Doland. And what does that mean? That means that we get a bigger voice, more power and therefor actively influence the asset managers in an even more sustainable way. And our journey has already started with access to new and better ways to invest. Let’s push the boundaries together and make investment more and more sustainable.

May we teach you about sustainable investment?

Stay updated with news, perspectives and get inspired to invest sustainable