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Have you ever thought about investing – even just a small amount – in companies and projects that share the same values as you? To watch your investments, grow while you are making a positive impact in an area you care about?

Well, we have. In DoLand we have 3 missions. 3 things we want to do for ourselves, for you and for the world: To democratize the capital markets, To help you put your money where your heart is (even the smallest amount matter), And to track and share the financial and societal progress of your investment.

All of it done 100% digital and requires minimum efforts from you.

DoLand Investments

We are all investors. Every month we channel money to companies – through private investments and pension funds – that we don’t know anything about: It might even be that we invest in companies we are trying to avoid in our daily routine.

In DoLand we want to challenge this. First på helping you to invest in companies and projects that reflect your personal values, and by using our collective voice to influence the financial system to reallocate capital to companies and projects making a positive impact on the world and society.

We have chosen a portfolio of companies and projects that are amongst the absolute best in class in in their sector when it comes to environmental impact, societal factors and good governance. Besides these companies, we choose themes that our research shows us, that you are particularly interested in supporting; for example `innovative healthcare` and `green energy and transformation`.

The journey

In DoLand we are on an – admittedly – big mission. Actually three and counting. We realize that we need to challenge status quo in steps, first step being getting your input on where you would like to put your money! In doing this, we would give you all a huge digital high-five if you would sign up to share your interest in our growing missions.

In signing up, you are not getting bombarded with emails trying to sell you more services or supporting any kind of political mission. DoLand is not political, we are curious. Curious about what areas you would like to put your money, in order for us to deliver the best advice solutions for your future investments. At this point, you can see us as a digital consultant trying to match your interest with profitable investments. We will build upon our solution every day, in order to become better and more relevant for your – and the world's - need.

As of right now we operate in Denmark and we are licenced and approved by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet).